Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul the self described "champion of the constitution"

As many of you may already know Ron Paul, one of the Republican presidential nominees has received record breaking donations via the Internet in the past few days. In the more sane circles this is provoking discussions about the implications of a candidate who positions himself as "the champion of the constitution" and categorically opposes big government, expanded executive power, federal taxes, the Iraq war along with all wars and actions used to impose, interfere and/or police the world. Ron Paul's significant and rapid gains in popularity and support is yet another clarion call to our government to STOP what they are doing and pay attention to what the citizens of this country want.

As Glenn Greenwald points out in his post today The Ron Paul phenomenon it almost becomes irrelevant whether or not you agree or disagree with every aspect of Ron Paul's candidacy or policies. The fact that his words and behavior are so firmly rooted in and shaped by our constitution makes his candidacy an anomaly and presents an option not offered by any other candidate, on either side of the aisle. Ron Paul is offering citizens another choice and it is to our own advantage to hear what he has to say. This video does a great job of introducing Ron Paul to those of us who are not too familiar with him. And if you're interested in pursuing more information do an on-line search, for as Glenn also points out, the story of Ron Paul and now his sudden popularity isn't something traditional media is feeling particularly compelled to report on.


Lisa said...

Finally, a candidate whose politics I don't agree with, but who is taking a stand against the fascist dominationation present in all sectors of America. He is at least making a call for our citizens to practice democracy. I'd rather see him as President than most of the 2008 candidates. At least we might have a chance to redemocratize america and create a democratic social movement- then we can also have peace for a while and start building an energy research program which will allow us to become independent of the corporate "oil" agenda in america.

Marjorie said...

Good for people to know.