Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ron Paul, at the very least he's sparking debate

The Ron Paul post on Glenn Greenwald's blog generated over 800 comments, which I believe is a record for; at least he is getting people talking. It is interesting how people jump to the conclusion that a small, non-interventionist federal government means no government at all. Given how our federal government has been failing us for years I actually find the concept of putting all the power back to the state and local government a refreshing and positive way forward. Democracy, at a local level is a lot easier to achieve than at a national level. And it is much more conceivable that local governments and citizens can forge relationships and interact much more effectively and efficiently. And while this might seem a totally ridiculous notion but what is to prevent citizens from organizing in some way to bring pressure upon corporations so that they take some responsibility and start contributing to the maintenance of this country. Why does it only have to be through a federal government? Capitalism doesn't mandate a company make double digit profits each quarter.

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