Wednesday, October 17, 2007

joining the Democracy Daily blog

Paul Stetzer - A child of the '50's and '60's, I grew up in a perfect America that revealed itself as wanting. During and after college I went to Mississippi to work for civil rights and to spend too much time resisting the draft and to oppose the US war in Vietnam. After graduation I was a taxi driver and social worker back in Philadelphia where I was raised. Then I turned to education for a career: first with Head Start, then as an environmental educator at a nature center, and finally as a science teacher at a Quaker school. I helped raise two amazing daughters with my first wife. After she died I married my childhood sweetheart and moved to NYC where I have the pleasure of helping to raise two step-daughters. In NYC I am a free-lance photographer, and I work with a cooperative photography gallery, Soho Photo. 
I look forward to contributing to - and learning from - this blog when I return from an extended trip in November. 

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