Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog posts officially start Tuesday

Democracy Daily will be a hybrid social networking blog (New bloggers will continue to join a growing base of regular bloggers) dedicated to re-defining Democracy. Posts will officially begin Tuesday so please stop back then to join in the conversation, offer a post, get involved. Readers will be able to offer posts either through comments or email.

In the meantime "What is Democracy?" Please scroll to the bottom and take a series of very short, quick polls to get a read on how we all, individually, interpret Democracy. Thanks.


Lisa said...

I read this very provocative article on protest and how citizens can negotiate with local government officials. Though that it would be interesting to also discuss strategies and what we think of their use in a democracy. I'll be posting the article

Lisa said...

I just read this provocative article on different types of protest and how we can affect local government officials in America today. It would be hard to define America as a real democracy right now but this is an effort to make democracy a work in progress as opposed to a process that has been dying for the past 7 years. I will be posting the article for your reading.

Jill Howell said...


I'm assuming you got my comment about how articles need to be handled in terms of copyright infringements? You can't post a reprint of the entire article. You can quote from it and then link to the article.